From Nine Holes of Golf to Eighteen or more....

Minor arthritis can develop at ANY age but typically happens during the latter years of life.
After experiencing it at the tender age of 58 (a few years ago as of this posting) I just kept quiet about it and played through the mild discomfort while constantly adjusting my grip throughout my round.

After a few years of tolerating the pain as it grew more profound, especially when making the turn to play the back-nine; I came across a golf article about a golf grip called "Jumbo Max Golf Grips" that Bryson DeChambeau endorsed.

These grips are just a bit smaller than the "Super Stroke" fat grips for putters.  First I thought about buying one grip to see if it would help, but decided to go for it and bought a complete set for my clubs; which turn out to be a wise investment and here's a couple of reasons why:

  • The feel of the grips were SO comfortable and they immediately relieved the compressed grip strain around the standard grips, which allowed me to grip the clubs in a more relaxed and firm way with greater control.
  • I have discovered that if I had gone back and forth with the Jumbo Max grip and my standard grips, it would have adversely affected my game as unfortunately it took me half to a full golf season to adjust to the grips but it was "WELL-WORTH-IT".

After a few years of playing with the grips, I decided to pick up an old club in the garage that still had an old standard grip on it and I could hardly hold the club.  In my mind I said "WOW!" because I realized that had I not known about the Jumbo Max Golf Grips, my golfing days would have came to a premature end.